We are driven by the meaningful partnerships we build with our clients and fellow creatives. Our company name is a reflection of these values - nothing makes us feel more fulfilled than the opportunity to work as a collective team.


Janice Francois - Headshot - Final.png


Anyone who knows her will agree, Janice Francois is the personification of optimism.  She is constantly finding inspiration in everything that surrounds her - from the brilliant to the mundane.  Her team smiles when hilariously reenacting her trademark perspective - “imagine the color of this boba tea on a wall” … “look, over there, at that cactus – what a beautiful architectural form” - simply put, it is impossible to not feel creatively motivated around her.  This enthusiasm for life has shaped her easygoing design aesthetic – a balanced mix of tailored sophistication and casual comfort.  This signature style, combined with her vast knowledge of construction and the architectural process, has culminated a level of expertise that both her clients and collaborators have come to trust wholeheartedly.

Monica Francois - Headshot - Final.png


There is no such thing as a bad day at the office when Monica Francois is on your team.  As the master conductor, she streamlines the logistics of the design process into a harmonious melody.  She appreciates a healthy work-life balance and inspires productivity amongst the office with a quality versus quantity approach to time management.  Her dedication to efficiency and bona fide problem solving skills allow the firm to stay committed to the high level of design they have built their reputation on.